Ministry Initiatives

Ministry Essentials staff live and serve globally, providing essential support to the whole global worker ’til Christ is formed in them!


Our Ministry Initiatives focus on three areas: Global Workers, Third Culture Kids, and National Christian Leaders. Our staff serve them as Spiritual Companions, which encompasses many expressions of spiritual and emotional care. Click on the photo of a staff member to learn more about how they provide care using their particular areas of expertise.

Serving in Central Asia for over two years had already taken a toll on our resilience and emotional reserves, and then we found ourselves in the midst of violent attacks and the loss of life on our team. By God’s grace we found MEI and received the care we needed to be able to return to the field and serve out our term. MEI’s care is critical for the longevity of those working in the most difficult places in the world!

–Medical workers, Central Asia

Global Worker Initiatives

Scott Cuidon, MA
Dr. Jayne Cuidon

Barnabas Zentrum Retreat Ministry, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion, Teaching

Eric & Staci Frey

Eric Frey, PhD
Staci Frey

Counseling (Eric), Certified Spiritual Director (Staci), and Marriage Mentoring (together)

Dr. Chris Gibson
Debbie Gibson

Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching

Jean Gill
(Rob Gill)

Journey Deeper, Spiritual Companion, Mentoring, Teaching

Jez Heasman
Jaqui Heasman

Silent Retreat Ministry, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion

Jeff Merry, MACE
Karen Merry, MAPC

Certified Spiritual Director (Jeff), Certified Trauma Professional (Karen), Counseling, Pastoral Care


Greg Moser
Rebecca Moser

Rothem House Directors, Leadership Training, Pastoral Care

Yohanan Rempt
Rachel Rempt

Debriefing, Leadership Training, Outdoor Retreats

Joanna Robbins

Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion, Teaching

David Shepherd, MA, ThM, DMin
Jeanni Shepherd, MA


Ministry Essentials Director (Dave), The Budapest Garden House Director (Jeanni), Counseling, Spiritual Companion, Teaching

Zach Slagel, MDiv
Noelle Slagel, LPC, ADC

Counseling, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion, Teaching 

Jeanie Stirling, MA

Counseling, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion 

James Wartian, ThM
Melody Wartian


Managing Director, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion, Teaching

The Budapest Garden House

Retreats, Workshops, Community Development (Facebook Page)

Third Culture Kid Initiatives

Todd Corbin
Liana Corbin

Counseling, Mentoring, Spiritual Companion, Teaching

Brad Trottman
Joyce Trottman

Psychoeducational Assessment of Children (International School Psychologist), Career Assesment, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion

National Worker Initiatives

Trip Moore
Judy Moore
(Canada, Associate Staff)

Counseling, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Companion


Spiritual Companion, Teaching

Upcoming Events

Journey Deeper South Asia Cohort – Oct 2023 to May 2024

Journey Deeper is a 9-month spiritual formation cohort that invites cross-cultural workers to join together in community to grow deeper in their intimacy with Christ so their “doing” in ministry […]

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