What We Do

We offer essential support to the whole global worker ‘til Christ is formed in them.


What is that essential support? It is tending to the heart (see Why Soul Care) in order to unleash a passionate expression of Christ.

How do we do that? By cultivating relationships! You know that feeling when you’re forced to talk to someone you don’t know? We don’t like it either! Yet conversations can be all kinds of wonderful when people you don’t know become friends…organically, quickly, slowly…in their right time. So here are some of the things we do:

Build Community

Are you hungry for more?  Needing a place to explore the thoughts going around in your head? Are you ready to go places you’ve not been in awhile—if ever?  We’ve got a place for you!


Deepen Community

Tender places coupled with sacred ground…these are the places where deep change happens.  We have a place for you.

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