The practice of sitting down, distilling thoughts, and finding treasured nuggets are gifts in the writing of this blog. When life gets busy, this commitment invites us to slow down, breathe deep and lean into movements of God that we might not see otherwise. Many times, the effect is that some thought became clearer, a direction more identified and love more clearly felt. Blog writing is a good companion on this journey with God.

That’s how it’s been for us. How has it been for you?

Going forward, we are contemplating how to make this blog better. We’d love to know what topics have been meaningful. Has the twice-a-week delivery been a good amount, or if less is better? How is the blog used in your life? Is it a good encouragement in your walk of faith, or do find your interest waning? We’d really love to know.

Our truest desire is to encourage you in ways that match your journey. Would you take a few minutes and let us know how we might do that? Please don’t hesitate to offer suggestions or to articulate a stopping point. Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a break. We just want to know what is best for you. (Send comments to or simply hit reply if you got this via email.)

And as always, we hold you with great affection and prayer in our hearts.


Jeanni Shepherd

PS. I love the imagery in Gideon Heugh’s poem.

A New Light Arrives


Buried in the night,
anxious thoughts crowded darkly
around me.
The last thing I expect
is a miracle;
the last thing I anticipate is God
riding the dawn.


But then,
like the only answer we ever need,
a new light arrives,
splashing grace-paint
on the worn-out canvas of my heart,


and all of a sudden
hope is running along the tops of the trees
and rampant.



–Gideon Heugh


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