“Take me to the King. I don’t have much to bring. But my heart is torn in pieces…Please, take me to the King.”

Sitting in a hotel room, or a mission house, or the front seat of a car…it doesn’t matter the location…conversations lately have been more like heart cries from folks who’ve lost so much and know the losses aren’t finished. Questions they don’t have answers to, burdens that sit heavy on the heart, unexpected change that rocks the world…hearts torn to pieces. Those are the offerings we bring. And those are the offerings that open the heart, turning us once again to the rawness of our need…our longings…our yearnings…and to the tender bigness of God who sees, touches, and enters those longings and does what we couldn’t imagine…He changes us. We just need to be taken to the King.

What is your need today? Where is your broken place? Who might go with you to the King? Who might help you get there? Will you go?


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