“Oh, the discrepancies between everything we want and what we need.”

The first time I heard this song we were going through a rough time. I felt like my whole world was turning upside down. Grasping at anything solid to hold onto I reached for stability that no one but God can provide. You’ve had those times too, I imagine. The ones that have you crying out for some kind of salvation, some kind of provision so your soul does not starve and your body does not go hungry. How much time and renewing it takes to understand that Jesus is both Bread and Living Water. That whether He chooses to right our worlds or simply sustain us through the upheaval, either way, our souls may be intact, if we will reach for Him and not something else.

When has your soul been hungry? When has your world turned upside down? How has He brought you into that realization that reaching for Him is what matters most?

What would you want Him to know as you reflect on these things?


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