As Covid-19 continues to spread, many of us are facing dilemmas we didn’t expect. Thoughts about economic challenges, childcare predicaments, health concerns and anxiety, travel complications and a pervasive helplessness (which only comes in unpredictable scenarios), pass through and, at times, lodge in our hearts. Without trying to, we get caught up in fearful thinking which leads to self-focused actions, and only in hindsight do we glimpse the generosity, kindness and trust we wanted to express.

We need each other. We need to be together in this journey of faith through uncertain times. We need to remind ourselves of who God is, what He’s about and what a faithful presence might look like for us as we live in the world.

When we do this…join one another on the journey…together…then inevitably we challenge some of the assumptions and thinking swirling around in our hearts. And hope begins to ignite…first a small single flame, and then a much larger, warmer fire.

We want to invite you to stop by here each day, joining us as we focus on one aspect of our journey in these off-kilter times. We’ll be centering our reflections around four words: Reach, Rest, Reorient and Renew. But we’re not just going to reflect! We’re going to act…just a little bit each day…taking our reflections and giving them somewhere to go.

We’ll be posting as well on the Ministry Essentials FB page each day. We’d love to hear how God is moving in you as we join together and join God in what He’s doing right now.

See you here!

Jeanni Shepherd


Joining Together - Day 1 - Reach