“The mystics knew when to hold tight to their faith, especially when they were confronted with attacks from both inside and outside their monasteries. Attacks came mostly from those who envied the stamina in the souls of these saints. Mystical experiences and intimacy with the Divine do not translate into lives of ease. Rather, they produce people of truth, strength and courage. No life path—even a mystic’s—can alter the nature of life itself. Life is an ongoing journey of change and choice, a surrendering of the old and a trust in new beginnings. What these saints ultimately realized—and revealed to others—is that refining a relationship with God is the life choice on which all else is built.”

 – Carolyn Myss, Peace of Heart


ACTION:  Can you think of one or two ways God is using this time to make you into a person of truth, strength and courage? How is He doing that? What is your response?


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