C.S. Lewis remarked that “Suffering is God’s megaphone to the world.” Because we are so bent on holding our own way, difficult times are often what God uses to catch our attention and open new vistas to us. However, we really struggle with this. I really struggle with this. When I hit extended times of mediocrity in my relationship with the Lord, when I lose a sense of gratitude, it usually traces back to the entitled attitude that says, “You ask too much of me. I would never treat people the way you do, God!” In my mind, love looks a certain way. But the further I go with God the more I realize how self-centered and limited my view of love is. The process of recognizing what’s true in me and then repenting takes time and patience. It cannot be rushed. Shake ups like a global virus heighten awareness of these things.

ACTION:  How are you feeling with the ongoing challenges and difficulties the Covid-19 continues to bring? How does it influence how you see and think about God’s love?


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