Hope has been our companion through these May spring days. Coming to the end of the month, I wonder what thought or picture might still be with you? Perhaps the connection of hope based on God’s character has stirred your thinking. Or maybe it’s the idea that hope is not so much about pain easing or the solving of problems, but rather, a growing confidence that God is up to something good in us and through us. Maybe you have related to parents praying over and entrusting their children to God’s loving care. Or perhaps you’ve been moved to respond to the Spirit’s revelation that your hope might just be misplaced. Whatever the word or picture, know this…the work of God is alive, strong, present, and enduring. His labor within us pours from a kind of love we dream of but scarcely know…the kind that never stops until Jesus is more truly formed and unleashed in us. What a joy to undergo His work, His shaping together with you.

As May comes to an end, let us pray together:

As we go about our day O God,
As we strive to walk with Jesus as people of hope,
Remind us that we are the face of Christ,
Who is with us always.
May your grace, mercy, and peace
Bless us, keep us,
and transform us all,
This day, now and forever.

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Many thanks to…

  • David Shepherd, counselor, leader, follower of Christ
  • Scott and Jayne Cuidon, counselors, educators, spiritual directors
  • Annette Haskins, writer, musician, poet and worshipper

for sharing their lives with us this month.

Next up? Hilarity! The Ever Widening Appreciating for God’s Gifts!  I think we’ll have to shorten the title!

And last but not least…as our COVID-19 restrictions are easing, schedules are picking back up and reading time is shortened for many. Here at Ministry Essentials, we want always to bless and not burden. Therefore, we will now send the blog posts on Tuesdays and Fridays. For those that would like posts more often, send an email to jeanni@meintl.org and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Peace always to you.


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