Epiphanies. Unannounced, these singular moments open life with explosive understanding. The funny thing is, these new insights come when we’re just living life, doing ordinary things. They can entice us away from our routine ways, reminding us that there is more to grasp, if we’re willing to see.


Epiphany 2:  Trust


“Trust is bliss.”


I was struggling with an upcoming life change. My husband was considering a new ministry opportunity far from anyone or anything I knew. My heart swung on a pendulum from anxiety to anticipation. As I looked for solid ground, I had an inner conversation with Jesus. Here is part of what was said.

Do you think I know what you need?

“Yes,” I admitted.

Do you think I’ll give it to you?

“Yes! I’m more afraid that You won’t give me what I want.” (Ah, honesty.)

What do you want?

“For this job to be in Indiana.” (My ideal location at the time.)

Then this job would be . . .

“Easy to accept,” I finished quickly.

And how would your faith grow?

“I would trust that You’d work in people’s lives, that You’d help us through challenges. . .”

I’m presenting challenges.

“I don’t like these challenges.”

(I think maybe I heard the Spirit sigh.)

So you want unknown, different challenges that you assume will be more pleasant or easier to bear. I thought you might like to know some of what you’re getting into.

“Maybe ignorance is bliss,” I fired back.

No, He answered immediately. Trust is bliss.


“Trust is bliss.” This was an invitation that sunk instantly into my core. An epiphany of Jesus’ own loving trust in the Father. But could I do it? Could I trust in a way that reflected Jesus’ restful confidence? Trust wasn’t simply a given for Him. Jesus chose to trust, every day of His life. Hebrews 2:13 quotes Jesus as saying, “I will put my trust in Him” (cf. Isa. 12:2).

No, the phrase “trust is bliss” isn’t just for Jesus. It’s for me. It’s for my siblings of faith. More than once, Jesus calls us brothers and sisters (e.g., Heb. 2:12). Literally, this means from the same womb. When Jesus calls us “children” in Hebrews 2:14, it’s a term of tenderness, intimacy, stressing solidarity. Astonishing as it is, we come from the same Father! Together, we’re to trust in a God who is unequivocally trustworthy.

If I’m to experience bliss in trusting God, I must learn to view the Father as Jesus did. I bring His gifts to mind with gratitude. I sink my heart into the vast depths of His loyal love. I rest my soul in His perfect wisdom that ordains good to come even from evil. And the tender shoots of bliss grow with each mini- or major choice of trust that I make.

For Reflection:

  • What do you admire about Jesus’ trust in the Father?
  • What hinders your trust in the Father?
  • How might you choose to trust the Father today?



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