Music. How I love it. The variety of it, the colors of it, the emotion and the way you get to express in notes what you sometimes can’t say in words. I love that you get to act silly or passionate and give yourself over to the life of the music which somehow shifts the singing from something you do to something you sink into. It becomes soulish. It’s infectious with its gladness and invitation. No wonder the Lord is easily found in song.

Bill and Gloria Gaither have long invited people, not just into song, not just to immerse into the message of the song, but to sing with each other. To egg each other on in a total gift of yourself to the moment and the message. I love everything about that.

Why do you sing? What are the songs that touch you and take you deeper into truths about God, about yourself? Who sings with you and with whom do you sing? What feelings come as you sing? How can you sing with God?


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