Hello Everyone,

Maybe you’re like us and find that when entering the Christmas season sometimes the pull of gifts, parties, connections, and caring for our communities creates some chaos and, of all things, disconnection. Of all the things we’re after in this season, disconnection isn’t it–we already have enough of that!

Here at MEI we’ve been talking about connecting–to each other and to God in fuller, more meaningful ways. To that end, we’re seeking to build “sacred pauses” into our days. Times where we just take a minute or two or five and reflect on Christ….with us in the realities we face. We’d love it if you joined us each Wednesday for a sacred pause…all together.

Each Wednesday you’ll get an email just like this one. When you open it, one of our staff families will be there ready to reflect together with you on Christ and what the reality of His coming might mean to you.

This short video tells you all about it.

Advent Introduction 2020 from Ministry Essentials Int’l on Vimeo.

We hope to “see” you Wednesday.

Seeking Emmanuel, God With Us,
Jeanni Shepherd



  1. Anthony Vartuli

    Would love to hear these reflections my friends. Carry on in Him!

    • Jeanni Shepherd

      So glad we can share together even though so far apart….


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