If leisure were something that simply required better planning, most of us would do it. We’d get out calendars and make it happen. But this life of leisure needs more than a plan. It needs awakened desire. No, scratch that, it needs desire and a deeper acceptance of our humanity…an understanding of how very dusty we are (see Psalm 103).

Living life from that perspective slows us down and heightens our awareness of who we are, what we are, and how very much God loves us. The very act of engaging this can be summed up in one word: “prayer.” It’s living with our bodies, souls and minds turned to God as flowers turn to the sun. It is the expression of yearning, seeking, and finding its true Home. And it is resting…with all of who we are in all of who He is.

As we close out these reflections on leisure, I can think of no better way to move on than to first sit quietly, letting the words of our desire take root in our hearts. Sit until the prayer feels complete for the moment…then live…a life of leisure.

“Let Wonder Have Its Way with Me” 
by Ted Loder

O God, your gracious Spirit

Moves over the mysteries of living and dying

And is strangely present to me

In the falling leaves,

The call of the wild geese,

A child’s birth, 

The light in a friend’s eyes

The sudden lifting of the heart,

And the deep longing which brings me to you now.


Make me aware of your presence

That wonder may have its way with me,

My passion be released,

My confidence renewed in the depths of your holiness until, for a moment,

My longing for you be fulfilled

And I know I am really free

To share bread and intimacy,

To laugh and exchange mercy,

To be at ease in my struggles

Bold in my loving,

Brave in facing down my terror,

Hopeful in the rising music of your kingdom,

Joyful in my living, and graceful in my life becoming

A song of praise ever sung to you.


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