Recently I was part of a prayer group that encircled Revelation 3:20-21. I say encircled because we listened, imagined, and pondered the many riches of imagery in John’s words from all the way around it. It became so apparent to me that listening begins with noticing…what’s happening around me…what’s happening in me…what is moving me. As you ponder these short little sentences, what pictures come to mind?

…Open my eyes to the moments of resurrection that surround me every day. There is always something rising, opening to new life, budding and blossoming, forgiving and transforming. Teach me to live awake that I may recognize the renaissance being celebrated in my midst at every moment. Make me a disciple of joy. Amen.

What is budding in you today? If you were to draw that in an image what would you draw? Perhaps you want to do that right now?

What might it look like for you to “live awake”?


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