“One day in one of the villages there was a man covered with leprosy.” (From Luke 5:12-16)

Leprosy. The living dead. His life was most likely away from town in a special place reserved for those unfortunate ones slowly wasting away from leprosy. He would have been covered up with old cloths. Food would have been brought to him. Choices taken away. The only beauty in his surroundings was whatever nature provided. He would have looked with loathing or despair at the changes in his skin…in his body. He would have been without hope.

What did he hear about Jesus? How did he hear it? How small or big were the stories that came to him? Stories of hope are powerful. They ignite movement in the heart, and this man was no different! He stepped out of his place of shame into a world that avoided him and confirmed his shame. Yet, hope produced courage and courage led to movement towards God.

In these Covid-19 days, similar to this man in great need, we need to hear the God stories and realities that produce hope and reach for it with courage. In that one movement, God meets us, and hope is found for our great need.

 ACTION:  What is your need today? What stories have you heard about Jesus? When did you first hear of Him? Take some time to remember and write down two or three. What courage does it bring you today? What movement do you want to make?


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