The phases of Covid-19 are different than something like a flood. Whereas a flood, hurricane or tornado hits hard and fast – it usually hits then it’s over. Depending on where you are in the world, this virus could be ramping up or has peaked or is slowly starting to ebb. Everywhere, topics seem to be about containment with new phrases like “social distance” populating conversation and reports. Uncertainty, dilemmas, feelings of anxiety, separation from families, and emergency measures to figure out include everything from finding a place for college-age kids because their school closed to stocking up on food to deciding where it might or might not be safe to travel.

This is where we are.

We might be asking ourselves, “How do we know we’re okay?”

Put simply, we start with what we know and ask questions.

We know God is doing something here. Like Habakkuk, we stand and watch, lives affected but not daunted, resolute in our confidence that God is not defeated or thwarted by the effects of a fallen world. Therefore, He will be bringing life out of the ashes of this virus.

ACTION: How can we join Him in His work of bringing life to those around us? Is there something (a word, a phrase or an object) that might remind you of Living?


Joining Together - Day 4 - Renew
Joining Together - Day 6 - Rest