“God is King, robed and ruling, God is robed and surging with strength.” (Psalm 93:1 The Message)

“Like every newborn he has come from very far.
His eyes are dazzled by the brilliance of the star.
So glorious is he, he goes to this immoderate length
To show his love for us, discarding power and strength.
Girded for war, humility his mighty dress,
He moves into the battle wholly weaponless.”

-Madleine L’Engle, Cry Like A Bell

What kind of person discards their strength before going into battle? What kind of person walks in humility? Who would walk onto the battlefield without a weapon in his hand?

Only those with nothing to prove and nothing to lose. Only those who know where their protection is found. Only those whose confidence roots way down deep in who they are, who they’ve been made to be and what they’re about.

ACTION:  In what are you rooted today? How does it strengthen or hinder your ability to go into the battles of your life? How does this help or hurt the battle?


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