Life in jail. Suffering. Isolation. Misinformation. Everything designed to break a faith or break a spirit.

Are you really the One?
It’s what we ask when suffering has gone on for a while.
It’s what we ask when our hearts are hurting.
It’s what we ask when we need to know if we should throw in the towel or keep on going.

Are you really the One?

Jesus didn’t answer John the Baptist directly. Instead, He quoted a familiar passage John would have known: “I’ve come to heal the brokenhearted…I’ve come to…I’ve come to…”  The only thing He didn’t say to John was “I’ve come to set the captive free.”

Because John wasn’t going to be freed.

But John was reassured, his heart put to rest.

The underlying question we ask Jesus so often – Are You the One?

And His reply so often is… “I’m the One that….do you believe?”

He asked that question over and over: “Do you believe?”

The disciples thought they did until the storm got big and the enemies loud. Then the cry, “Lord, help my unbelief!” was heard.

And through it all, Jesus kept demonstrating through word and deed that He was truly the Way, Truth, and the Life…showing a different way, a new way of the Spirit…a way bound by the law of love.

ACTION: How is your journey wearing on you today? Are you ready to quit? Wondering if it’s worth it? Remember the Lord. Remember His word to you. Remember….


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