Mary of Bethany’s Story (See Mark 14:1-9)

I know people think I’m irresponsible and flighty. Ever since that day I sat with Jesus while my sister worked, people have called me everything from wise to lazy. Which is it? To be honest, I’m not always sure. I just know that Jesus is much more than we see, and I am drawn to Him in ways I don’t fully understand.

 I wonder what it’s like for Him sometimes. He almost always has a crowd around him. Everyone wants something from Him. It’s like they see an entity rather than a person. Now granted, He doesn’t work very hard to make sure people understand what He’s saying. But still. Even with us and His close friends, He seems so separate. My sister and I believe Him when He says He is the Son of God. But what does that really mean? If He’s really God’s Son, then a lot makes sense…but increases His aloneness here. I wonder if we have eyes to see what it’s like for Him stay here and do what He does?

 Lately, He’s been talking about going away. He told the guys that He was going to die, but I don’t think they believe it’s literal. I do. I do. I can see it in His eyes. A weight of grief presses down on my heart…not just because of His death, but because He will go through this alone. I don’t think we understand enough about what’s happening here to really be in it with Him. I just wish there was something I could do to let Him know that I see Him and I love Him.

After Mary anointed Jesus’ head with perfume that would cost $50,000 in today’s money, those sitting around Him were furious. But not Jesus. What she’s done is wonderfully significant for me. She understands what’s happening here. When all of you are wondering about the work, she has concerned herself with Me. Because of that, she’ll be remembered and admired whenever this story is told.

ACTION:  How often we get stuck on the things Jesus does rather than the Person He is. As we come into the final days of His life, maybe it would be good to spend a bit of time wondering what it was like for Him to be so misperceived and misunderstood even before he was arrested. One way to glimpse His story is to acknowledge our own. What is it like for your to be misperceived? What stirs in your heart as you ponder your story and His?


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