“‘In the first place, it should be known that if a person is seeking God, His beloved is seeking him much more.’ This concept was profoundly liberating to me. I had been seeking, trying so hard to know God, but I perceived myself as being on a solitary quest. Reading St. John, I realized that I was not alone at all—God was already seeking me! This struck a chord deep within my heart. Ours is not a God who lets us ‘go it alone.’ Ours is a God of relationship. If we are seeking God, we are responding to the One who has already been calling us. Suddenly, the task of ‘falling in love’ and ‘staying in love’ with God seemed so much easier, because being ‘in love’ requires relationship.”

–Fr Pedro Arrupe

ACTION:  What is the freedom you sense in the words above? How does the fact of God seeking you take you into a more relaxed posture? In other words, from what work can you rest?


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