Recently I was thinking about the act of creation, specifically evening and morning. Noticing that in today’s world we reverse the phrase to “day and night,” I wondered if there was any significance to the word order.

Hebrew language is rooted in images:

“In Hebrew, ‘dark’ signifies meddling, sterility (without life) and deception with a connotation of sweetness. ‘Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth is filled with gravel’ (Proverbs 20:17). What looks good on the outside may not be so good on the inside.”

–Sam Knellar, Origin of the Universe

Darkness gives way to light and warmth replacing the black and cold. It is out of darkness that God brings light…the first step to and of life.

We so often have difficulty trusting that God is bigger than us and acting in good ways in our world. We have trouble trusting Him when He says He doesn’t need us—but wants us deeply. Yet, the very act of creation reinforces these truths and the foundation of grace in our lives. We are rescued from dark, lost places and brought into the Light where we discover what it means to be found.

ACTION:  What stirs in you as you read these words? What energies do you expend holding your life together that, perhaps, are unnecessary if God is as big as He says? What would it be like to take God at face value?


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