I am one of those TCK’s (Third Culture Kids) who, at 57 years of age, still stumbles when answering the question, “Where’s home?” Do I answer it currently, historically, emotionally, or from a family perspective? In some situation’s it’s really hard to know. For the longest time, I tried really hard to make location encompassing enough to genuinely answer the question. But it never did work. No matter how great the location or school or opportunity they all had one thing in common. People. People I have loved and still love. But…people who also move.

Recently I heard from a young friend who put some of this into words. “Home is more about the people there than the location. Even more so for TCKs. So while the parents might feel comfortable in specific places the kids will feel the most comfortable with specific people. People who have been constants in their lives.”  I love that last sentence, “People who have been constants in their lives.”

Perhaps this is one of the more painful challenges of change. For various reasons we are removed from people who are dear to us…people with whom we have walked many miles, shared crazy adventures, and wept over difficult hardships all while forging the way forward together. These are people who have been Jesus to us. From them, we learned how to lean in and count on each other. We shared the not-so-funny-to-anyone-else-but-they’ll-get-it kind of stuff with them. We made the often-risky choice to trust them with our more tender thoughts, feelings and questions. Our hearts were knit together in transformative friendship kind of ways.

And now that is passing.

When change comes and we begin to feel the extent of what distance will mean, we begin to wonder, “Who will be there for me? With whom will I be home again?”

Oh, it’s a heart-wrenching question. I remember one time David and I were leaving one set of people and driving into the new. Looking out the car window I felt this ache, so deep, so poignant I thought I would break apart with it. Would there ever be a time when all the people I’ve loved will know each other? Will my heart ever not be in many places at once?

With a jolt, I realized that’s what will happen in Heaven. The day is coming when all the people and parts of my life will come together. And in that day, it will not just be a meeting but a knowing. We will know what it meant that we were home to each other. We will know what it cost to live Christ to each other. We will know how long we waited and hoped for this moment.

It is no great leap then to remember that the God who stands in that future, stands also in this present moment with me.

He answers my cry, “Who will be there for me?  With whom will I be home again?” saying, “I will. I AM there for you…Lean on me. I will send someone to be my hands and feet to you…share your heart with them. Risk it. Trust me. I will not only be your home, but I will lead you home as well.”

ACTION:  As you listen to Michael Card, what are the feelings that come up in you?

Perhaps you want to listen to the instrumental music following as you ponder how are you longing for “home” today? How would it feel to tell Jesus what your longings are? How is He meeting you?

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  1. Coralee

    Wow, thanks for sharing this. It spoke to my ❤what I needed to hear right now. Looking forward to tomorrow.


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