It was finished. She felt His life leave her body. Waiting anxiously to hear Him cry, she could only take deep breaths, trying to come back to some sort of physical balance.

There! Exhausted she lay back overwhelmed with relief. The birth was done. This part was over. Jesus was alive, His cry healthy and loud, almost roaring in fact. The Lion of Judah was here. Fully present. Entrusted to their care.

Wonder ballooned inside, expanding so she thought she might burst. Layers on layers of emotion vied for center attention. She felt chaotic, at rest, relieved, so tired, reluctant to leave this moment to the next where more would be required of her, and happy…but more than happy…deep, deep joy lined with sorrow.

His birth meant many things to her. For starters and most importantly, the angel hadn’t lied. Tears formed in her eyes. The hope of thousands of years and a great host of people now rested peacefully in her arms. Through captivity, wanderings, foolishness and great pride, God had kept his word. This baby was the proof of that. All of the past, all of the future, condensed into this moment when He entered the world. Prophecy after prophecy she had learned as a little girl flashed through her mind with vivid realization. “He shall be called Immanuel,” “God will be in the middle of His people.” All that just came true.

Crying harder, she realized God had not just kept his word to the masses, but He had kept his word to her. It felt keenly personal. Somehow, out of all the women in the world He had chosen her, moved in her, protected His life in her, brought her safely through the hardest experience of her life.

He really was the Father of the baby she now held. He really did appear to Joseph and bring him back to her. He got them to Bethlehem safely. She could almost feel His tender hand on her now as if to say, “You did great. I’m so proud of you.” He knew what He was asking of her. Knew what He would do to make the impossible possible. Knew how He would see her through to this moment in time. The baby was the proof of it all. He kept His word to the masses. He kept His word to her.

I wonder this Christmas if that’s something you might need to hear? That in Jesus, God has kept His word to humanity, out of great love and desire for us; and not just for us, but for even you. Whatever He has asked of you, He will bring it to its fruition in the right way at the right time. You need not worry if it will happen, only bear the burden of the “when” with confidence each day, waiting for His time. Like Mary, we can freely say, “Be it to me whatever you have,” because today, Immanuel has come, and God has kept His word.

ACTION: O Come let us adore Him, O Come let us adore Him. O Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.


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