About Us

Knowing the depths of God is not just a method. It is a life-long attitude. it is a matter of being enveloped by God and possessed by Him.

- Jeanne Guyon

Christ formed in you” implies community.  It lets us know we are not alone in the formative process of becoming.  Christ is in us.  We are in community with the godhead through Him – God’s story told in us.  Yet, this story is not just in us, it includes and involves us.  Your story and mine become reciprocal, interactive, influential in the process of our growth creating a mosaic where one story cannot be fully told without another.  Up close, each tile looks like they could stand alone, step back a bit and it’s hard to imagine the entire story without the pieces and parts that form it.

Our organization’s prayer and calling is to see Christ fully formed in people – particularly Christian leaders. How fitting that our new logo – our “new look” – is a mosaic. Each of our stories, interrelated, form the body of Christ.  As living stones, we fit together into a spiritual priesthood for the purpose of worship – living as spiritual sacrifices before the God we serve.

Christ formed in…us…and others…  It’s what we are about.  If you wish to read more, click on the links below for more information.