A community is only a community when the majority of its members is making the transition from 'the community for myself' to 'myself for the community.'

- Jeff Imbach


Burnout Prevention


More Recommended Books…


A friend working in Colorado specializing in the area of deep restoration and healing of the soul.


The ministries of Quiet Waters address an urgent Kingdom problem. Pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders face greater odds today than ever before. Many who began their work with fervor and idealism have lost their joy in ministry and have seen their initial vision blurred, their sense of calling dulled. Christian leaders are falling. Pastors are leaving the pulpit in unprecedented numbers and the attrition rate for missionaries is growing.

A beautiful place in the country for pastors and spouses to rest, relax, refocus, rejoice and renew!

Christian Hospitality Network

The Christian Hospitality Network (CHN) is a growing alliance of Christ-followers who share the gift of hospitality and desire to use their unique places and programs to restore and revitalize all who come their way.  The CHN also hosts the Internet’s most comprehensive directory of Christian-owned bed and breakfasts, country inns, cottages, and lodges where travelers are warmly welcomed, and those serving the church can find a rejuvenating getaway experience well within their means.

An online community for Christian spiritual formation.

A good resource for pastors needing spiritual direction in the California area.

For more reading and resources on the supremacy of God in our lives and ministries we highly recommend this site. You can also order materials written by John as well.

Catalyzing a spiritual revolution in the body of Christ, Larry Crabb is developing a model of spiritual formation and spiritual direction based squarely in New Covenant thinking. For more information on his various seminars and schools of spiritual direction, check out this site.

A helpful listing of the various agencies working toward Preventive, Developmental, Supportive, and Restorative means of ministering to the minister.  Another helpful listing of Member Care agencies is “Oasis Member Care Network“.

We used Richard Foster’s work on the Traditions of the Christian faith (which he calls Streams of Living Water) as our guides in developing some of our core values. His seminars on the spiritual disciplines and Renovare resources have been very helpful in forming some of our thinking.

Very insightful and helpful information regarding the art of prayerfully reading Scripture.

The Potter’s Inn is a ministry devoted to the work of spiritual formation.  They do this in three ways: guided retreat, soul care for leaders and developing resources for the journey.