Your Lord is more present to you than you are to yourself! Furthermore, His desire to give Himself to you is greater than your desire to lay hold of Him.

- Jeanne Guyon

We are privileged to have a dedicated group of individuals with whom we are mutually accountable in the way we reflect Christ and accomplish our mission. Our board provides oversight for our activities and staff as well as financial accountability.

International Board


Dr. David Shepherd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Karen Fenz, Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Chris Gibson, Nashville, TN (Emeritus)

Kevin & Annette Haskins, Burlington, CT

Curt Brannon, Madison, AL

James Wartian, Cedar Rapids, IA

Advisory Board

Dr. Larry & Rachel Crabb
New Way Ministries, Morrison, CO, USA

Dr. Ed & Coralee Murray
Teaching Fellow, Institute for Bible & Theological Studies (a division of Campus Crusade), Budapest, Hungary

Leadership Team

Dr. David Shepherd, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dr. Rev. Chris Gibson, Nashville, TN