Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu --meaning: Persons depend on other persons to be persons.

- a Xhosa saying

“I see no greater urgency than the need for a few men and women who will pay the price to ‘be there’ for others. The work of the church depends on discerning encouragers more than on any other resource. Such people are in short supply.

Ministry Essentials is exactly that—a community of believers participating in the Spirit’s work of formation offering the personal and relational essentials for Christian leaders to flourish in their lives and ministry. This growing team offers an increasingly vital resource for leaders in thinking honestly about their journey, relating meaningfully to others, and knowing and trusting God more deeply. They are worthy of cheerful support.”

–Larry Crabb, Author, Psychologist, Founder, New Way Ministries

“The Gospel is about stepping into the light and developing true communion with God and others. It is about being real and humbly submitting to God’s work of forming us into who He wants us to be. This is where hope is found. The staff of Ministry Essentials understands this. They live it, and they are wonderfully gifted in helping others do so as well. Theirs is an absolutely vital ministry, for how can we say that there is hope in the Gospel, if the ‘Gospel-bearers’ themselves have lost it?”

–Greg Reader, International Training Consultant, International Teams.

“Many times I have wished there had been quality, biblical, spiritual direction for our missionaries ON THE FIELD! Ministry Essentials is answering this great need, and will serve God’s kingdom well by maintaining health among the missionaries we work so hard to send out.”

-Brett Hilliard, Senior Pastor, Island ECC, Hong Kong

“The response was unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. All participants indicated that the conference was of great help to them in both their ministries and personal lives. Many of them requested that Ministry Essentials return for further conferences on this vital subject of soul care. It was a pleasure to have you and we hope that you will be returning to us again soon.”

-Vadim Yakovlev, Chairman, Christian Biblical Center “Word of Christ,” Moscow, Russia

“Ministry Essentials shepherds the shepherds. We, who have been called by God into the role of pastor/shepherd, most of the time, answered that call without a good understanding that it might be a spiritually lonely place. The loneliness is not for a lack of fellow-pilgrims on the spiritual journey, but for a lack of authoritative voices speaking with insight into our lives. Your mission of providing soul care is the very heart of pastoral work.

Your staff draw from a deep reservoir of experience and understanding every time God uses them to reach deep into the hearts of those who are hurting, entangled, or stuck in a bad place. You are a rare commodity in today’s Christian world, which makes you tremendously valuable to us and to others who are endeavoring to advance The Cause.”

-Paul Cunningham, Senior Pastor, Calvary Bible Church, Moreno Valley, California

“The work of Ministry Essentials—reaching out to and under girding the minister ‘until Christ is formed in them,’—is a much needed ministry. In fact, it is life itself to those who are ministering to others.”

-Barbara Deatherage, MS, RN, LPC, RPT, East West Ministries, International

“We need a ministry that will ideally offer both on-site care (going to a specific team) as well as being able to offer an off-site place of care and training. The ideal is to have a year-round permanent ministry center in place because it will take time to establish credibility with missionaries and missions, as well as with national leaders.”

-Tom Albinson, Area leader for German-speaking Europe, International Teams, Vienna, Austria

“In our work of assisting expatriate Christian families in meeting the educational needs of their children, we sometimes see situations where parents are greatly stressed and on the verge of burn out. To have an organization like Ministry Essentials strategically placed in Hungary is a great benefit in helping those families and keeping them on the field to do the work that God has called them to do. Perhaps as significantly, the general health of the expatriate Christian community in Europe and the former Soviet Union should be helped by the proactive approach of Ministry Essentials in better equipping individuals and couples to meet the emotional and spiritual challenges of living and working overseas.”

-Dr. David F. Brooks, Retired President, SHARE Education Services

“Those involved in Christian ministries, especially as missionaries to a people of another culture, have tremendous needs, both spiritual and emotional. I thank God for the establishment of Ministry Essentials at this time for the support of the body of Christ around the world.”

-Dr. Neil Ashcraft, former Senior Pastor, Scofield Memorial Church, Dallas, Texas

“Ministry Essentials has been a great source of encouragement to PIONEERS teams in Central & Eastern Europe. I’ve known personnel from Ministry Essentials in several different contexts. They have always come across with sensitivity and yet forthright purpose. They seem to have a sixth sense when reading a situation and addressing particular needs that are in a person’s life. We count it a privilege to partner with them, and they with us.”

-J. Michael Johnson, former Eurasia Regional Director, PIONEERS

“Teams are an important part of biblical church planting. But teams are made of people… and we are messy. The Shepherds of Ministry Essentials have savvy and strategy to come alongside people, especially in teams, to help them recognize the hand of God, already present and exposing beauty. Their work can be remedial but their preventative approaches are preferred and powerful. The availability of Ministry Essentials is a phenomenal resource for Great Commission leaders in our area. Our Regional Resource Team is still made up of people, but we relate more like Jesus because David & Jeanni have walked with us a bit.”

-Jay & Beth Weaver, Field Directors, World Team

“What are their roles? How does one put a price tag on their time? I can only speak from personal experience, but I see their roles first and foremost as a presence within the community. They are simply THERE for us. Secondly, they are gifted in teaching and counseling.

Their work is not outwardly visible, but I personally know the critical importance of their ministry of being and doing what they know God has called them to be and do. Their work is not easily quantifiable in terms of compensation, but they are invaluable to our mission community.”

-Jerry Coleman European Area Coordinator, Free Methodists

“Ministry Essentials has provided a valuable resource to us as a local church and to our staff missionaries serving in many different field settings. Their timely care and keen insight have served to ‘rescue’ and reinvigorate individuals facing a number of different trials and challenges, and even burnout. The dedication with which they fling themselves long-term to situations has greatly benefited our church plant here.

More importantly, theirs is an incredibly scarce resource in the region—especially for ex-patriots—and we are genuinely grateful for the Lord’s provision of their on-site skill and heart. Caring for personnel locally, versus sending them back to North America, has improved missionary retention rates infinitely, as it avoids the expense and shame of ‘early recall’ for counseling.”

-Warren Carter, Founder & President, Discipling the Nations