It is not right to acquiesce in the notion that a man's life is divided into the time he spends on his work and the time he spends in serving God. Everyone is called to serve God in his profession or trade--not outside it.

- Dorothy L. Sayers

Ministry Essentials Int’l’s community and activities are supported by individuals, churches, and foundations who believe in our purpose and people. Because Ministry Essentials Int’l is dedicated to serving the Christian leader without adding a financial burden, each of our staff raises their own financial support for living and ministry expenses.

If you would like to become a financial partner of Ministry Essentials Int’l, or if you have questions about how the financial arrangements would be handled in serving your mission, please contact us.

There are several ways to become a financial partner:

GIVE ONLINE HERE: online_giving

Credit card or electronic funds transfer  *Our online giving tool offers the ability to give via your checking, savings or credit card.  It also allows you to designate which family or project you are donating toward.

Via a check  *Make your check payable to Ministry Essentials Int’l with a note designating the name of the staff member or project you wish to support. Government-recognized contributions can be made in the U.S. and Hong Kong using the following addresses:

In the USA

Ministry Essentials Int’l
PO Box 4947
Wheaton, IL 60189-4947
+1 630-580-5750

* Your contribution is processed by Cedarstone Partners in Wheaton, Illinois.   Cedarstone Partners functions as Ministry Essentials’ receipting, accounting, auditing, and financial back office.

For Donor related questions, feel free to contact:

Accounting and EFT’s –

Contact Cedarstone Partners and someone there will assist you with making donations to Ministry Essentials Int’l.

Phone: +1 630-580-5750


In Hong Kong**

Fellowship of Joyful Giving Ltd.
Rm. 1303, 13/F
Nan Fung Tower
No. 173 Des Voeux Rd.
Central, Hong Kong

**(Please specify that your donation is for Ministry Essentials Int’l.)