People matter more than things, and relationships more than reputation.

- Desert Fathers

When asked recently to list Ministry Essentials’ goals and strategies for accomplishing our mission, I must admit I felt rather foolish in my answer. We don’t fit the norm and common notion of how to run a ministry/business.

We talk more about the ‘already-in-motion’ work of the Spirit than our plans and strategies. “We misunderstand and distort reality when we make ourselves the starting point”, says Eugene Peterson. And so, standing in contrast, we must ask the kind of questions more appropriate to our context. “What has God been doing here?” “Where do I see His grace and outworking of love in this situation?” “What is already in motion that I may participate in?”

With these questions we determine to “work at the center of things, to concentrate on the essential.” Caring for souls is not agenda or goal driven. We must rely solely on the on-going initiative of God’s Spirit at work in man.

This is the work we are called to and the work you enable us to accomplish through your prayers and financial support. Thank you for being a vital part of this endeavor.

Because He Is Near,

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