If we are not earnest in our religion, and if our wills and inclinations are not strongly exercised, we are nothing.

- Jonathan Edwards

I read recently that the “essence of Christian spirituality is following Christ on a journey of personal transformation”.  The end point of this journey has less to do with arriving somewhere than it is about ‘being’ with and in Christ.  He is both our companion and destination.

Consider the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt.  God’s people coming out of Egypt had more to do with deliverance from bondage.  The draws us into a bigger picture of transforming slaves into a nation, a people with whom His glory rests so that all nations through them will be blessed.

The same is true of the disciples (and you) as Jesus calls them to follow.  He does not call them to a particular destination but into a journey with Him and a similar agenda as the children of Israel upon leaving Egypt.

So, what does this journey look like on you?

In the mean time, thanks for joining us.  We are grateful for your participation.

Because He Is Near,



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