I undervalue my silence too much. Too often I move from action into silence instead of the other way about.

- R. Morrison

October 2009

It’s budget season. Does our template do what we need it to do? Are we tracking our numbers well enough to make informed decisions about next year? With a weak dollar and diminished support, can we even make ends meet?  All these questions and more swirl about us.

What’s catching my attention as we work through these questions individually and organizationally is our attitude in the process. We are not worried nor will we allow financial concerns to dictate policy. Our desire and intention is to plan and live as honestly as possible using the resources we have.  This does not mean we are not looking for others who will partner with us so the ministry can flourish and grow.  We are.  All of us.   But mostly, we are praying.  We are in his service, not the other way around.

You are a significant part of this process. Without your faithful gift, we would not be able to budget and plan well.   And we wanted you to know our gratitude for your participation.

Because He Is Near,
David Shepherd

NOTE:  If you read my blog (daves.meintl.org) you already know that October is the month where things start gearing up for all of us.  Now that school is in full swing, many of us are spending time with families in our area praying through various elements of life.

Wendy is training local leaders in community evangelism here in Chiang Mai while Jeanni is speaking at the Chiang Mai Women’s retreat.  Lu continues preparations for her transition to Chiang Mai and both the Gibson’s and Stirling’s are settling into their fall schedule just returning from the states where they have been strengthening support and caring for ailing parents.

Chuck & Lois are still discipling new believers in the San Antonio area while Trip & Judy continue to cultivate the congregation and church leadership in Wavre, Belgium.  At the end of the month, Jeanni, the kids, wendy and I will be in Singapore for some fund development meetings.  Jeanni is speaking to some women’s groups while I’m speaking at a Missions forum at the Covenant Church.  I am also meeting with the National Director or the Singapore Center  of Global Missions regarding a possible partnership with Ministry Essentials.

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