The greatest problems of our time are not technological [they are] moral and spiritual.

- D. Elton Trueblood

November 2014

There was nothing visibly special about it really. But to those participating—powerful. I wish I could say it was life changing. Few things are that. But some things actually stir deeply catalyzing a course correction in the heart. We know the impact was profound though not really noticeable, which is the way real change occurs.

What am I talking about? Recently, a group of us enjoyed the privilege of training some pastors and Christian leaders in Bosnia. Aside from the teaching time, we got them into groups where they could share their story and learn how to engage another’s story. We also provided individual time for them to process things on their heart they didn’t feel comfortable sharing in group. The most significant thing I witnessed was pastors realizing their depth of loneliness and then committing to continue encouraging one another beyond the conference. That’s how we knew the conference made a profound impact.

Some plant, others water, but God gives the increase. Thank you for your sustaining prayers and giving to the work we do in formational leader development. You are making a lasting impact.

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