The doctrine of the Trinity is not about the threeness of God per se but about the mystery of the God who is both one and yet three. A proper trinitarian spirituality can only be developed from a doctrine that gives equal place to unity and to plurality in God.

- Simon Chan

Gratitude has been a big word around our house lately.  The kids have been acting and talking as though we owe them something – like more toys.  Never mind the barely used this or that in the corner of their room.  Right now we are near a toy store…

Each of us come at the dilemma from differing perspectives but in the end, we all are faced with the problem of gratitude.    It’s my job.  I earned…  I deserve. My paycheck. Why can’t I just…?  And phrases like that tend to make us think we are owed something.

We forget, all of life is a gift.  God makes it rain on the righteous as well as the unrighteous.  Without Christ we can do nothing.  Everyone is dependent upon God’s goodness in the lean as well as prosperous days.  Today His rain may cause the crops to grow.  Next month the locust may eat them.  The question we’ve been facing as a family is, ‘how will we respond to God’s gift?’

Thank you for being part of the journey…

Because He Is Near,


David Shepherd


NOTE:  This month, one of our newest staff will be in Chiang Mai for orientation and strategizing new ministry initiatives in Bosnia.  We are excited about the way the Lord has brought together the team that will be transitioning there sometime this coming summer.  The Stirling’s are mentoring a couple from Romania and another in from Macedonia this month.  Trip’s teaching opportunities and Judy’s Bible studies in Brussels are taking root in hearts and Lu is finalizing her support raising in order to transition into Thailand this coming January.  Thank you for keeping us all before the throne.

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