People matter more than things, and relationships more than reputation.

- Desert Fathers

May 2014


I have come across a few independent studies on International students and the correlation between how well they do or don’t do in school living Internationally. Each study came to a similar conclusion: cross-cultural vitality is dependent upon the quality of their relationships within their adopted culture (this could be with people from their own culture as well as those from their new culture). In other words, more specific to why we do what we do, community is a key component of whether Christian leaders thrive, survive, or opt out.


Your gift, whether to Ministry Essentials’ local ministries in Belgium or Bosnia, or our more broader based ministries out of Hungary and Thailand, goes to cultivate vitality in Christian leader’s lives. By promoting and working to establish spiritual community among Christian leaders, we believe they will enjoy more vitality in their life and ministry.


Thank you for joining us in this vital work.


Because He is Near,





Lead Follower

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