Holiness is goodness on fire.

- Walter Rauschenbusch

March 2010

“To wait for the Lord is not to stand around lazily, wondering what will turn up next.  It is an intense seeking after God and a devout believing in his goodness.  He is worth waiting for!

Eugene Peterson

Sailors call it the ‘doldrums’ when they lack sufficient wind to fill the sails.  No wind, no movement.  Now what do we do?   According to my Dad, who was in the navy, we clean the decks, scrape barnacles, repair nets and sails and paint. NOTE:  He’s not as old as I’m implying but even in the Korean war, they still scraped, painted and repaired. 🙂

This applies to our life in Christ.  Whether in some kind of transition or just ‘in between’, that is not a time to be idle.  Rather, we engage the process of knowing Him more intimately.  While He may not apparently be saying much, that does not preclude seeking Him, learning to listen and trusting His character.

Many of us with Ministry Essentials are seeking further funding either to get to the field or even remain on the field.  We are waiting on God by spending time with Him, telling others of the need and trusting the Lord will bring in the funding in good time.  Right now, that is our reasonable service of worship.

Thank you for joining us in the journey.

Because He Is Near,



NOTE:  This month, much like the last, sees the Stirling’s and Gibson’s hosting folks for mentoring and soul care.  They will also be representing Ministry Essentials at this year’s Member Care Conference in Spain.  The Hall’s continue building their discipleship groups and the Moore’s continue teaching and providing soul care for their congregation in Wavre.  Lu is settling into her life in Thailand while Wendy transitions to the states for some additional fund development before heading back to Bosnia.  The Blackwell’s and Diana are seeing encouraging responses to their deputation and we hope to see them settled into their lives overseas soon.  The Shepherd’s just returned from offering a spiritual retreat to a team from China and continue their fund development calls in order to remain on the field.

Thanks for praying and for your kind support.

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