I undervalue my silence too much. Too often I move from action into silence instead of the other way about.

- R. Morrison

March 2009

Life is full of transition. And with every transition comes a choice. Obvious choices like, whether it’s time to buy a new car, require little reflective thought. But what of the not so obvious choices?

I’m discovering that every moment in life, is a transition. When I move from conversation to conversation, in and out of private and public time, I am ‘transitioning’. When I leave one task to start another, even in the same room, a transition has occurred. The thing is, I move between moments well or poorly not based on my decisions of what to do but on what kind of person I am in the midst of them.

So I wonder, am I more concerned with this project than the progress of my soul? Am I only aware of obvious choices with little thought given to my internal choices? Am I even attentive enough to the movement of God in me to know when my inner choices are poor?

As I continue to seek the face of God I pray he opens my eyes to ‘the moment’, to the little transitions that offer new opportunities to respond to Him. And I pray the same for you.

Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey closer to the heart of God.

Because He Is Near,



**  This month the Stirling’s will be spending some time with a family from Austria and another in from Serbia.  Their travels will take them into Poland where they are mentoring a few folks there.

Jeanni Shepherd will be returning from Turkey where she has been consulting with and mentoring a team there as well as helping a family with some transitions.

Nueng, our administrative assistant, is leading a team into Cambodia where they will run a camp for under privileged children.

And finally, David will be leading a team debrief in Chiang Mai as well as spending a few days in Cambodia checking up on a team he met with in January.

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