Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu --meaning: Persons depend on other persons to be persons.

- a Xhosa saying

June 2014


We live in a day where life is treated more as a problem to solve than a mystery to enter. Of course, mystery has been reduced to “who done it”, which implies that it, too, is something to solve. However, in scripture, mystery is not the absence of meaning or discernible data waiting to be revealed. Rather, it is more meaning than one can fully grasp or comprehend.


Life is supposed to be more than we can handle. It requires humility, curiosity, and, I believe, a sense of adventure (not to mention a deepening thirst for God). To engage life well, we must step out of the shadows of our ego-centrism into the deep waters of self-denial—of loving God and loving others.


Re-read 1 Peter 2 sometime. The life into which we are called is not easy. It’s filled with relinquishing prerogative and entrusting ourselves to others, which is an act of entrusting ourselves deeply to the work of God in, around, and through us.


Thank you for entering the mystery with us.


Because He is Near,

David Shepherd




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