Desire is not wrong. But desire that is disconnected from its source in God's desire-and therefore, focused on our own ways of finding life outside of God-is life destroying.

- Jeff Imbach

July 2010

We were privileged to have Dr. Larry Crabb pour into us during our recent all staff retreat.  Our discussions revolved around relational holiness; i.e. In our desire to become more like Jesus we repent of known sin and seek to live in the Spirit (personal holiness) – that’s good.  Relational holiness ups the ante by looking at our “in Christ-ness” through the eyes of those around us.

I don’t know about you, but that scares me a bit.  Thinking I’m doing well because I have a quiet time and truly attempt to confess known sin, I must still ask my wife and friends how I may be blind to sin toward them.  Tempted to congratulate myself for my personal holiness (in a humble sort of way), the way I relate to others may well tell the real story of my holiness.  In other words, I’m in danger of self-deception (see Heb. 3:13).

So, if I can deceive myself, I really do need my wife, friends and you to help me see where I fall short of God’s glory.  And now we are faced with a far deeper question…  But that’s for a different discussion.  In the mean time, I pray for you as well as myself as we engage the process of becoming holy… relationally.

Thank you for joining us in this journey.

Because He Is Near,


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