We must confine ourselves to the present moment without taking thought for the one before or the one to come.

- Charles DeCaussade

“I feel like a bad investment. I’ve poured my life into ministry, the bottom fell out and I’m left holding the bag.”

“I feel like an empty watering can. I’m supposed to be pouring into other’s lives but I have nothing left to give.”

“I feel like a empty food sack. I go to the grocery and fill my sack with nourishing things but somehow, by the time I get home it’s empty and void of nourishment.”

These are but a few metphors I’ve heard recently from some deeply courageous souls who have left home and country to pour out their lives for the sake of the gospel. I know you don’t know these and the many others serving in missions, but may I ask you to pray for them? Ponder these metaphors and ask God how you can hold his servants before Him in prayer.

And on behalf of those we serve, thank you for taking the time to lift us up. We depend upon it.

Because He Is Near,



NOTE:  This month we will have our first staff gathering.  It will be the first time many of us have met and been able to linger over each other’s story.  As we pray and play together we anticipate growing closer as a team and in our love of our Savior.

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