You will never find peace unless you are united with Christ in the very depths of your heart.

- Thomas a' Kempis

January 2009

A new year represents a fresh start or new beginning for many.  We celebrate, make resolutions and may even make good on them for awhile.  Yet, somehow, our resolutions fall prey to ‘reality’ and life takes on the same look and feel as last year.  The luster is gone and so go our hopes and dreams.

Why?  Are we overly romantic in our notion of a new year?  Maybe we just don’t have realistic goals and aspirations.  Or, maybe we hold too tightly to illusions about the way life ‘ought to be’.

I seriously doubt it will be easy, yet my intent this year is to actively face the illusions that set me up.  I don’t want to be a cynic or closet pessimist whose hopes and dreams lie in ruins.  Nor do I wish to ‘lower my expectations’ to something realistic.  I want to be a man of faith caught up in a larger story of which I am part-by design and invitation.  What do you want this year?

May God grant you a sense of deep purpose…till Christ is formed in you.

Because He Is Near,


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