In idle chit-chat we seek comfort from one another and we hope to lighten our distracted hearts.

- Thomas a' Kempis

Sovereign Lord, I don’t know how to speak, I’m just a boy!” (Jer. 1:6)

No longer a boy, I often empathize with Jeremiah.  The curious thing to me is that in verse 5 the LORD exclaims that Jeremiah was known to Him, formed by Him, consecrated to Him and appointed as a prophet.  Known, formed, consecrated and appointed.  Wow!

It just so happens in our line of work, we come across many leaders struggling with similar thoughts.  “I’m not cut out for this.”  “Why did He choose me for such a difficult task?”  Down deep we wonder whether we are truly ‘called’.

But I suspect these questions are not reserved for leaders.  How many of us truly wonder whether God wants us, much less plans to use us?  Ephesians 2:10 tells us we are God’s ‘workmanship’, His poiema – the Greek word from which we get our word ‘poem’.  We are God’s Masterpiece, His work of art; specifically designed for…work in God’s larger story.

When the doubts come, and they will, rest in the fact that you too are known by God, formed by His Spirit, set apart and appointed to something He intended for you to do a long time ago.

And thank you for including us in your expression of His work in you.

Because He Is Near,


NOTE:  This month is unfolding much like all the others as our staff come along side leaders in various settings.  Jeanni will be traveling to Turkey where she is working with a team.  Chuck continues discipling a group of individuals and is preparing for some classes he is teaching soon.  The Gibson’s are settling back into their lives in Budapest.  The Stirling’s continue receiving calls from area leaders and Judy Moore is back in the US with her ailing mother.  David meets with a couple in from Myanmar this week and is pulling together a few seminars for Singapore.  Thanks for praying…

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