Central to any spirituality is its conception of what is ultimately real. The Christian knowledge of who God is determines the character of Christian spirituality.

- Simon Chan

“Only he who obeys a rhythm superior to his own is free”

– Nikos Kazantzakis

Becoming aware of the quiet passions that motivate us, it often seems we are more slave to base and petty demands or societal whim than anything else.  For us to find true freedom, we must learn the rhythms of prayer and of life that can only be found in the Ancient of Days.  Through this superior rhythm we discover who we really are and we begin to live out of that realization.  When we enter a rhythm that ushers us into a Larger Story we become open to the fact that we are not the main character of our story; God is.  We may think it’s about us, when in reality it is about God in us… our hope of glory.

What kinds of things bring us into a larger rhythm?  Things like the practice of hospitality and spiritual reading, retreat and confession, forgiveness, meditation and caring for widows and orphans, all open us to a greater rhythm and sensitivity to a motion that has long been in place.

I pray you find occasion to enter the larger story this Advent season.

Because He Is Near,


David Shepherd


NOTE:  As you can imagine, we are entering a rather busy time of year.  Not only do we celebrate Christ’s Advent with family and friends, many of us will entertain extra guests as well.  For example, we have already had three Thanksgiving related events at our house.  The Stirling’s are hosting out of town guests while the Gibson’s are headed stateside for their daughter’s wedding and a few more fund development meetings.  The Moore’s are traveling as I write and then head back to Home group studies, speaking engagements and a few other surprises I’m not at liberty to mention right now.

Wendy is off to the states for the holidays and to strengthen her support base in preparation for her return to Bosnia along with her teammate, Diana Oxford (who will begin fund development in January).  Lu is wrapping up her fund raising in preparation of moving to Chiang Mai in January while Jeanni and I prepare to host a Pastor’s retreat for International Church pastor’s in the region early in January.   The Hall’s continue discipling those they’ve led to Christ in Seguine and our personnel committee is in the process of interviewing a new couple that just recently approached us about serving as our Operations Manager out of Chiang Mai.

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