The church is the community that God has set at the center of the world to keep the world centered.

- Eugene Peterson

December 2008

My time, of late, has been filled with story. New faces, new places, new events—story upon story. Within each life I encounter, as the story unfolds, I’m constantly reminded of life’s fragility. Just one word misspoken can bring a team to its knees, strain a marriage or discourage a child. Never mind the intent behind the word, a mark has been made that must be addressed.

Beyond the defensive explanations and counter accusations, desire slowly and cautionsly emerges. “I want something from you” and it hurts not to get it. Oh, it takes some digging to suss out these thoughts and feelings but they are there. They come with being human.

To be Christian adds a new dynamic to these desires. Not only do I want something from you, “I want something for you.” I want you to know love…from me. I want for you a place to freely express your truest self in Christ…and I want you to want that for me as well.

I pray you find good words of desire for those you know and love this December.

Because He Is Near,


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