I undervalue my silence too much. Too often I move from action into silence instead of the other way about.

- R. Morrison

August 2009

Our staff discussions revolved around three themes last month – our life as ‘prophet’, ‘servant’ and ‘foreigner’.

Prophets do not show God’s relevance to life; rather, they insist that we deal with God as He reveals Himself, not as we imagine Him to be.

Servants know they do not call the shots. Instead, we enter what another has already decided.

Foreigners live ‘between worlds’, not fully belonging, functioning from the margins.

Yet, it was in this context that Jesus prays we (you and I) will be just like He and His Father. Jesus prays that while living displaced, in the cracks of society sort of lives that we will enter into Trinitarian community… so that the world will believe and know they are loved (see Jn. 17, particularly vv. 21 & 23).

Not an easy life… but what a calling! And we value your presence in this journey.

Because He Is Near,

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