Liturgical time is essentially poetic time, oriented toward process rather than productivity, willing to wait attentively in stillness rather than always pushing to "get the job done".

- Kathleen Norris

April 2009

“There is life in the blood of the lamb that was slain. There is power , there is power in His name. There is love pouring out of the wounds that were made. Pouring out, pouring over our shame. So praise the God who saves. Praise the God who bled. Praise the God who was nailed to a tree…and wore our sins upon His head.” (words and music by Aaron Senseman; taken from Caedmon’s Call: In the company of Angels, a call to worship)

The day before Jeanni and I were to lead a spiritual retreat we went to see “The Passion”. Vivid, powerful images swirled in my head and heart as I stood to speak that evening. Knowing he would soon be separated from his Father for a time, he still chose to relinquish his own will (that the cup be passed from him) submitting to his Father’s will (piercing, crushing, wearing our sin). “What does all that mean for me as I struggle to ‘relinquish’ dreams and desires not knowing what lies ahead?” As I spoke that evening, fighting my own inner battles, a stunned silence crept over me. All I could do inwardly was stand in awe of ‘the God who saves’.

I pray you too are overtaken with awe this Easter…by the God who saves. Thank you for joining us in the journey of faith.

Because He Is Near,

**This month Trip is working with Larry Crabb in London at the School of Spiritual Direction. Trip and Judy are lined up for some speaking engagements along with their bi-weekly home group and regular mentoring schedule.

Wendy will be traveling on a vision trip while Chuck is in the Philippines mentoring and training pastors at various seminaries there.

The Shepherd’s, Stirling’s and Gibson’s have a lighter schedule this month coming off a very full and hectic first quarter.

Finally, we just recently appointed a new staff to our team, Lu Hawley. We are very excited to have her.

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