Trip & Judy Moore

Any organization develops people; it has no choice. It either helps them grow or it stunts them. It either forms them or it deforms them.

- Peter Drucker

Wavre, Belgium

Passionate in their love of God and others, Trip & Judy come to Ministry Essentials Int’l from Quebec, Canada, where they lived and ministered for 25 years in a church plant with eight years in a counseling practice. For the past five years, Trip has been an associate teacher for Larry Crabb’s School of Spiritual Direction with New Way Ministries.

Joining the Pastoral Team of a local congregation, they will lead the church leaders through a process of establishing a “vision” for the church, focusing on the “why” before the “how.” Once the vision is established, the team is committing together to bring the rest of the congregation into a conviction of this vision as a basis for building the church in the years to come.

Trip will carry a significant part of the teaching load at the Sunday worship service, offer training, and lead home groups. At the core of their work, they will provide spiritual formation to challenge and inspire others toward future leadership.