Cormack and Sarah McKinney

Holiness is goodness on fire.

- Walter Rauschenbusch

Cormack’s earliest memories come from the Philippines, where his parents worked as church planters. He attended an International school for missionary children and learned to appreciate the many different cultures represented at the school, while developing a profound appreciation for both the rewards and challenges that “third culture kids” experience in their International communities.

Cormack graduated from Hope International University with his B.A., and went on to earn a Doctorate of Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in 2014. Throughout his training, he developed a heart for other TCK’s like himself and began to discover a calling to be able to use his experiences, skills, and knowledge as a Psychologist to work with cross-cultural communities abroad. Now a licensed Psychologist, he is eager to begin supporting and developing spiritual communities that will sustain and empower workers and their families as they live out their ministries in cross-cultural settings. He and Sarah are preparing to join the MEI community/team in Hungary in 2019 and have a vision for using telecommunications to minister to workers in areas where certain forms of support may be inaccessible.