Our Vision

God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in Him.

- John Piper

We envision a paradigm shift in the way churches are planted, the Gospel is preached, and mission is viewed when leaders function out of an ever deepening passion for Christ.

What would happen if the church (members of the body of Christ) were deeply awed by the greatness of God? Could we actually reflect something transcendent without ever opening our mouths? Is it possible to live in the energy of Christ so that worship (as a way of life) makes more sense than expertise and professionalism in ministry? If we were to focus primarily on connecting with God through worship (e.g., prayer, time in the Word, silence, solitude, meditation, study, community, etc.), how could the mission of the church become more a reflection of time with God rather than a distraction from Him?

This is our vision—to see men and women captivated by our Trinitarian God so that taking time to connect with Him makes more strategic sense than a well crafted sermon or a finely executed evangelistic strategy.