Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu --meaning: Persons depend on other persons to be persons.

- a Xhosa saying

We’ve discovered that in all our activity for God, it’s easy to lose sight of our lives in God. Over and over again, we’ve seen this simple truth played out in the lives of countless Christian leaders. Our Calling, as is every believer’s in Christ, is to know Him and reflect Him in our world. Our Creed declares the direction of our calling, while Our Values express the way we intend to live. These foundational truths fuel Our Passion: walking a God-ward life and cultivating worshiping communities.

Thus, Our Mission is to join Christian leaders in their journey of faith, challenge their assumptions about life and God, and inspire a fuller experience of Him. As a result, We Envision a paradigm shift in the way churches are planted, the Gospel is preached, and mission is viewed when leaders function out of an ever deepening passion for Christ.